Burn Fat With These 2 Cardio-Stimulating Programs for Everyone

spinningEating well is only part of the solution when it comes to burning calories and weight loss. The real success lies in physical exercise which will help you achieve your goals through building the muscles and burning excess calories.

However, exercising should be part of your daily life if you are concerned about your health and fitness. Regular exercises play a vital role in keeping you fit and preventing numerous health conditions such as stress, heart attack, and even cancer.

Exercise isn’t all about joining a fancy and expensive gym. There are lots of simple daily activities that help in keeping you physically fit.


Are you surprised? Scientific research has proved that including a 30-minute walk in your daily routine can help your body to burn up to 150 calories. Walking should always come to your mind if you are looking to shed the excess weight since it is the most comfortable exercise that you can engage in.

You can start by walking for at least 20 minutes a day for three days a week and then increase the frequency to about 45 minutes per day for at least five days in a week.It is time to put on your walking shoes, turning on the music and stepping out of your house for a walk.


Running is an efficient way of burning calories and losing the excess belly fat. Adapt to a routing morning or evening run to complement your workout schedule and things will be okay. KangooStyle Workout.

The 2-Cardio-Stimulating Programs for Everyone


KangooStyle is an intensive workout that burns twice as many calories as running while putting less strain on your joints. A typical Kangoo session lasts 45 minutes, and it combines dance moves, running, and jumping in the studio while enjoying some funky house music.

You have to put on the Kangoo boots to engage in the KangooStyle cardiovascular workout. The shoes provide rebound effect which limits the amount of strain on your joints and back while running. The boots are completely stable, and it is a lot of fun for the participants.


Spinning may seem like any other outdoor cycling activity, but it is more intense and effective in burning calories. Spinning is safer since you aren’t exposed to road dangers such as cars and water. In a spinning studio, you just clip your feet between the stationary bike, and as long as the wheels are turning, your legs keep pumping.

Spinning can burn up to 600 calories per hour or even more. Spinning is one of the high-intensity workouts that puts your quadriceps and gluteus maximus muscles to the task. Spinning can also lower your blood pressure, decrease your fat mass and help in improving your general body composition.